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March 16: Galway and Cliffs of Moher

Leah and I went to downtown Galway this morning, which was about 15 minutes away from our Air BnB. We stopped at a little coffee shop, then walked around the colorful streets. Galway is filled with lots of little shops. Most of them are a couple hundred years old, but we found a children’s toy shop dating back as far as 1580 AD. We learned that the Claddagh ring originated here, so there were lots of shops selling Claddagh jewelry. We had lunch at a little restaurant and I had bangers and mash (sausages and potatoes).

After Galway, we drove to see the Poulnabrone Dolmen. It was a much longer drive than anticipated due to the very hilly, one-lane gravel farm paths that our GPS insisted was an establish road. It was lined with tall hedges as to provide ample blind spots, so I drove very slow and we only had one scare as someone flew out from a blind spot and casually careened around us as I slammed on the brakes and tried to pull over as much as possible. The Dolmen was neat. Like the Clava Cairns, it is open access and is located in a field of stones. There are lots of stone walls and houses in this area because the fields are full of this grey stone. This dolmen was around six thousand years old. We had it to ourselves, probably because not many people will drive almost 20 miles on that crazy route.

Next, we drove to see the famous Cliffs of Moher. They were very scenic, but it was a huge tourist trap. We saw a few people cross the safety barrier and stand very close to the edge. All it takes is a gust of crosswind… Our previous Air BnB host warned us not to cross the barrier as two tourists has accidentally been caught in a wind gust last year and fallen off. 🙁

We ended our trip today in Limerick, where we walked to a sushi place nearby for dinner and the man at the table next to us chatted for a long while with us about Ireland and Indiana. He was shocked to hear how big St. Patrick’s day is celebrated in the US and how Chicago dyes the entire river green. Here, we’ve seen a few little shamrock and Irish flag decorations and that’s it! He told us they have very small parades and that one year, a man walked down the middle of the road to fetch his milk and fifty people watched him, thinking he was the parade!

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